Our History

The Founders

Ed Warren, Art Director, Director of Curriculum Development, and master teacher, started on his artistic path at the age of six years old. From his early youth, drawing and painting filled his days. As an adolescent he painted murals on the walls that adorned his family’s home, and in high school he earned himself an “A” in a difficult science class by drawing anatomy charts for the teacher to use as teaching tools. In high school, he also exhibited his work, won painting awards, designed sets for his high school’s plays, and designed and executed sets for UNESCO. Throughout his adolescence he sketched at the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in art education, and a Masters of Fine Art degree from Rutgers University.

In 1986, Ed and Sher Warren combined their talents, and opened the first KidsArt/Drawn2Art studio. Sher created an entire organizational structure to support the rapid growth of multiple art studios and a large school Enrichment program. Since that time, as COO, Sher works closely with Co-Owners, Studio Directors, and Managers to enhance the many KidsArt/Drawn2Art programs that reach a wide population in southern and northern California, Oregon and the state of Washington.

The Second Generation

Over the years, Ed has not only been a mentor to thousands of students, but he has trained hundreds of teachers as well, including his two daughters, Rachael Cartwright and Anna Sheklow, who have chosen careers running their own KidsArt/ Drawn2Art studios. Both have worked side-by-side with Ed and Sher since they were teenagers, learning all facets of the administrative and artistic programs that have made KidsArt/Drawn2Art so successful. After completing their college and graduate school educations, they have opened and run multiple studios of their own, and have been a true inspiration to their teams. Their contributions have positively touched the lives of countless staff and students.

Because of the great enthusiasm and dedication to quality art education that Ed, Sher and their daughters have maintained over the years, many KidsArt/ Drawn2Art students grew up to become KidsArt/ Drawn2Art teachers (after completing their art degrees), and others went on to successful careers in other art related fields. Their unwavering integrity towards the quality of the program has brought to so many a real understanding of how to draw and paint classically. From a small after-school program, started more than thirty-four years ago, KidsArt/Drawn2Art programs now teach over 4000 students in our combined studios in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Ed & Sher Receiving the
Walt Disney Motif Award
Ed & Sher – 1986
Anna (L) and Rachael (R)
with brother, Dr. Daniel Warren