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Erin and Fiona

Elin and Fiona, Age 7, Pastel


Ryan, Age 6, Pastel


Ian, Age 13, Oil Paint

Julian, Age 9, Pastel


Alex, Age 8, Colored Pencil


Jessslyn, Age 14, Graphite

This location is phenomenal. My daughter, Lauren, exhibited a piece of her art yesterday at the Halloween Showcase [art show]. I was extremely impressed. All of the instructors, as well as the Director, were present and festive for the celebration. The art was absolutely amazing. This art studio can absolutely bring out the artist in anyone. They are the epitome of “practice makes perfect.” Great event, great patient instructors, great friendly Director, overall professional facility. We plan on being a client for all of the years we reside in the Northridge area.
Arriane Henryhand

Saw this place as I was browsing through Yelp. I tried it out and signed up my two little boys for classes and they love it. Ms. Monica is the best ever. She keeps me informed of events happening and also keeps in touch when my boys have missed a Saturday or two. Great location at a small strip of shops. We take the boys there on Saturdays and they enjoy their time and have a great smile on their face every time we pick them up from their class.
Butch N.

First of all, let me say that my six year old loves to draw, and she has learned so much in her two months already! She looks forward to class every week and shows off her work so proudly to all family and friends. Secondly, (and very important for me as well) is that the teachers and staff are extremely nice, helpful, and accommodating. There is a strict class makeup policy which has been fine for me. The manager of the Sherman Oaks location has been very kind and helpful in trying to fit us into makeup sessions. If you get in touch ahead of time, they are very accommodating. We look forward to a long relationship with KidsArt*.
Garin H.

* Now Drawn2Art

Every week I go to art school. It is called KidsArt*. KidsArt* is fun because it’s a way for me to express my feelings in art.   I want everyone to know what I do at art class. It’s like heaven to a young artist. I think it’s very fun. First, in class I get out my supplies. Then I wait for my teacher. I draw the lines and then it’s like magic, I start to paint them and see the beginning of my picture. Sometimes my paintings take three to five classes to finish. I’ve been going to KidsArt* since I was four years old. It’s a great place for young artists to have fun. Anyone that’s over three years old can take classes at KidsArt*. I think everyone should go to KidsArt*.  


* Now Drawn2Art

Our twins love their art teachers. They’ve been with Drawn2Art for a year – their creativity and skill has improved exponentially. They draw all the time at home now, and it’s so much fun watching them progress! Highly recommend!

Eric G.

I can’t believe my kids drew, outlined, and shaded their own art work! Their teachers’ method of instruction was impressive, and I’m still amazed that my 5, 6, and 8 year old followed directions so closely. Not bad for their first day of class. This is why we love this place and why we continue to sign up each month:

  • Environment: Kids are more focused in a studio environment than at home in a well lit, cute studio with organized art materials
  • Teachers: Awesome facilitators with experience, knowledge, and patience; one teacher to 6 students
  • Class times: Open availability; easy to schedule make-up classes
  • Customer Care: All questions are answered immediately; both the Manager & District Manager in touch to resolve any issues that may come up
  • Education: Engaging instruction that keeps kids interested in visual art. Teaches them to draw, identify proportion, see and fill in shading; introduces them to new mediums, and they come home speaking in drawing terms
Ann L

Bud Gagner Age

Bud, Age 92 , Watercolor

Mia, Age 5, WC Crayon


Chloe, Age 6, Watercolor

Luke, Age 7, Acrylic

London, Age 4, Marker