Camps & Seasonal Workshops

Drawn2Art has expanded its program to include a variety of workshops for students who are interested in the arts. These workshops are designed to broaden perception, abilities, and affinity for many different media, as well as spark a desire for future investigation and learning as a young artist.

Drawn2Art offers specialized seasonal workshops. Many of our studios are offering half and full day class options, as well as special workshops for ages 4-6.

" Age restrictions may vary by studio."
Stephanie, Age 9, Clay Pinch Pot
A Palette of Art
Ages 6 and up

Learn a different media each day: 

• Cartoon Paper Sculpture 
• Portraiture 
• Cartooning 
• Clay Sculpture 
• Animé 
Sophie, Age 7, Clay Sculpey
Cartoon Clay Workshop
Ages 6 and up

How rewarding for young artists to see their favorite cartoon characters & their homes sculpted in clay! 

• Learn basic sculpting methods 
• Make & paint animals or characters 
• Learn to make a bas relief landscape or    cartoon "house" 

Angela, Age 10, Comic Strip in Marker
Anime & Cartooning
Ages 6 and up

In this camp, learn fundamentals of traditional American & Japanese-style cartooning.

  • • Evoke humor through exaggeration 
  • • Learn techniques for creative                     character development 
  • • Proportion of anatomy learned
  • • Advanced students learn detailed             Anime
Brandon, Age 15, Pastel
Figure & Portraiture
Ages 9 and up

Tired of making stick figures? 

• Learn to draw 3-dimensional heads  and figures, using simple steps
• Fundamentals of drawing taught to  make the human form and head 
• Multiple mediums used: graphite, charcoal, pastels, conte crayons & more

Classic Clay Sculpture
Ages 7 and up

This workshop allows students to learn basic, sculpting methods that transform materials. 

• Sculpt & paint animals 
• Learn to make a bas relief landscape 
• The creation of a 3-dimensional house   will inspire creativity 
• Multiple materials and techniques are     introduced to inspire interest

Bennett, Age 7, Acrylic
Anime/Pokemon Workshop
Ages 6 and up

Join us and learn the basic fundamentals of traditional Anime-style cartooning.

• Learn how to make original Anime           characters 
• Pokemon style characters taught for       different, skill levels 
• Make you very own Anime style self-       portrait
• Proportion and anatomy skills are           learned

Kalena, Age 8, Paper Sculpture &
Maya, Age 16, Clay and Sculpey
Pirates & Princesses
Ages 7 and up

Join us for a voyage into the world of pirates and princesses: 

  • • Create a clay treasure chest or castle        and figurines
  • • Make a mask & crown or pirate hat 
  • • Design a pop-up pirate or fantasy             scene and drawings  
KidsArt Students, Ages 7-11, Clay,& Marker & Henry, Age 8, Sculpey and Marker 
Under the Sea
Ages 6 and up

Through art- visit the beach, the sea and ocean creatures. Take home ocean friends. 

• Learn to draw ocean fish 
• Design and paint your own sea                    monster 
• Learn how to sculpt a sand castle 
• Make a shark or fish hat out of paper       construction 
Kelly, Age 11, Marker and Clay Sculpey
Monster Workshop
Ages 6 and up

Learn to draw and sculpt your very own monster! 

• 2-dimensional drawing learned to           create monsters
• 3-dimensional sculpting will be taught,   using multiple materials & techniques 
• Create a 3-dimensional paper                      sculpture background for your                  monsters  
Marilynn, Age 10, Marker & 
Matthew, Age 7, Clay Sculpey
Awaken the Force Workshop
Ages 7 and up

Become the art master of your favorite space characters. 

• Sculpting methods taught to create         BB8 and Chewbacca 
• Learn to draw Yoda using markers and   other drawing mediums
• 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional           skills learned to create a galaxy far, far     away! 
Brady Klein, Age 8, Monoprint and 
Olivia, Age 9, Foam Board Relief
Ages 8 and up

Students learn to execute printmaking procedures to enhance their abilities with this art form: 

• Learn drawing and painting skills 
• Make images novel to printmaking 
• Exposure to printmaking through:           techniques, unique materials,                     printmaking tools 
Leah, Age 6, Paper Mask & Sculpey and Peter, Age 7, Paper Sculpture, Clay, and Sculpey
Woodland Creatures & Fairies
Ages 6 and up

Create a magical land as a 3-dimensional world where fairies and woodland creatures live. 

• Make clay fairy doors to catch fairies 
• Learn to sculpt a mushroom house
• A Venetian style mask will be made in      this workshop
• Learn to make clay animals and                 woodland creatures  
Gregory & Huxley, Age 4, Sculpey
Storybook Multimedia
Ages 4-6

Early developmental skills are promoted for independent learning in this camp: 

• Multi-media drawing and painting 
• Favorite characters learned 
• Improves small motor skills 
• Enhances attention span
• Increases ability to focus
KidsArt Students, Ages 5-6, Paper Sculpture & Print Relief and Thomas, Age 4, Clay, Paper Sculpture, and Sculpey
Suzy, Age 8, Marker and Matthew, Age 8, Clay and Sculpey
Halloween Workshop
Ages 7 and up

Experience how to bring familiar favorite spooks to life. Sculpt with your own hands, and watch them join you for Halloween fun! 

• Learn how to sculpt & paint favorite,       Halloween cartoon characters 
• Learn how to make 3-dimensional            houses they live in together 
• Using a step-by-step process, multiple      materials are used to inspire creativity
Gage-Age-7-Pumpkin-Carving-Stencil and KidsArt Students, Ages 7-12, Sculpey
A Halloween Nightmare Workshop
Ages 7 and up
Students learn to sculpt and paint some of their favorite characters, as well as learn how to make a 3-dimensional house.
Students will also get to create their very own pumpkin carving and mask.  Students will get excited to see
their characters come to life while learning sculpting and drawing methods.
Sunny, Age 11, Clay and Sculpey &
KidsArt students, Ages 8-11, Sculpey
Thanksgiving Workshop
Ages 6 and up

Celebrate being grateful by bringing art to your Thanksgiving table. Projects are based on length of workshop. 

• Build a clay Thanksgiving house 
• Use Sculpey to sculpt friendly                   Thanksgiving characters 
• 2-dimensional drawing taught of              seasonal themes
• Make a Thanksgiving pin you can wear
Kathleen, Age 11, Pastel, & Anna, Age 9, Sculpey
Winter Character Workshop
Ages 6 and up

Create festive, winter sculptures of favorite characters for the holidays.

• Learn to make a Sculpey figurine 
• Create a clay pinch pot 
• Using markers, learn to draw your           favorite character
Katelyn, Age 7, Marker
Winter Sculpting Workshop
Ages 7 and up

Students have a great time learning to create a holiday, winter scene that can proudly add to their home's seasonal decorations. 

• Choose: How to make a decorative           Hanukkah or Christmas house 
• Sculpt figurines that match your               house 
• Sculpting methods & techniques are       taught based on age & skill level
David, Age 9, Paper Sculpture & Clay Sculpey
Bella, Age 7, Marker
Valentine's Day Workshop
Ages 6 and up

Valentine-themed drawings and clay sculptures will be taught for this heart holiday. 

• Learn to make a pop-up Valentine             card 
• Sculpt a Valentine-themed figurine
• Difficulty of the projects will determine age & skill level
Wizarding World
Ages 6 and up

Embrace your inner witch or wizard and make your world a little more magical (muggles invited along as well).

Use sculpey, paper, pencils, and colors to create your favorite characters and monstrous (or quite fuzzy and harmless) beasts.

Send your friend a pop-up owl letter

• Learn to draw your favorite character

• Sculpt your favorite character
• And more!


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